On the crossroad of disparate Worlds of academia, public and business

Non-profit research capacity creating one of a kind projects based on a unique approach to data, technology and effective interdisciplinary approach.


Coming together is a beginning

We live in a complex interconnected world. Excellence in one field often isn't enough to achieve extraordinary goals anymore. And that is when NUVIT comes in the equation. Providing a unique platform for ambitious multidisciplinary collaboration.


Our projects

Czech pavilion proposal for EXPO DUBAI 2020, based on artificial intelligence and ritual control of the environment using EEG of the visitors.

Participation on the PoliRural project that provides a set of knowledge resources, including an inclusive learning environment where rural populations, researchers and policymakers come together to address common problems.

PoliRural outputs:

Development of Villa Sophia, a prototype of an independent house fully managed by artificial intelligence. The Villa is located in Prague's district of Troja and was developed in cooperation with sysloop

EU PoliRural


EXPO 2020, DUBAI, UAE CZU IDSK Technologická agentura ČR Program Beta Technologická agentura ČR


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